In a sentimental mood

Norkolk and Western - Dusk in cold Parlours

At dawn after dusk

What`s your price on poverty?
No, I don't believe in all the signs you tie to faith
Faith is just for those who need it most, and the rest pretend that they`re all blessed
What's your price on brotherhood?
No, I don`t help with all the idle time I waste, cause time is all I have to brace myself for the dwell I pretend to possess
What`s your price on commodities? Yes, I do feel the need for all those tools of sound, cause without song we`ll lose our sight of God, not the God that tells them they're all blessed.

Jealousy, It's true 

A battle is the goal, but apathy, it takes you and grinds you into a filtered mind
And idle time, it's true, it grabs you like a stronghold curse, and teases you with a breakthrough, too

And jealousy, it's true, when blue looks different from my brush, but we all use the same brand ink

And holidays aren't enough to clear the space, and space is all that I have to fill my foreign grace

And on my way to work, the bus is filled with vacant stares
The evidence of pain so rare
So everyone is numb, or everyone they hide it all, and I don't want to hear their falls 

                                                  God Jul...