wadi rum

The life in the desert has no compartments, no doors closed.

The sand storm was scary and beautiful, the stars made me feel small, staying with the beduins was real, the real thing.

We don't change, but we are never the same

Atala's grandfather (the beduin guide) fought with lawrence of arabia

The little boy is sent to desert for weeks  to shepard the goats, camels on his own.

leno, I'm not sad, I'm thoughtful.

I will never forget these days, I am young and blessed.

Egypt now.

(Thank you for all the insightful comments, I will catch up coming back)

How are you doing? 
I'm observing.


 the innocence to love is gone. 
There is just a huge desert of dry feelings.

It only rains one time a year, it's time to rain. my skin feels dry...

" You don't even know their names anymore"

desert castles route - Jordan nov. 10 -  close to Saudi Arabia 


I am going to Jordan again, it's my third time...my body is longing to tastes, sounds, smells again.
I will also go to Egypt...When I am on the road my blood burns...it's a kind of happiness that I can't describe.

Happyness is only good when shared.

Oriana is a princess, she wants to be a chef, a rock star, and to be loved. Traveling there last time made me realize how kids from everywhere have the same dreams. It's beautiful to see all sort of princes and princesses.

I don't know if I will have time to post in the following month, I don't know where I will be, and what I will eat, I know I will come back different.

So, I am leaving these 2 posts. See you in a while and thank you for all the lovely comments.

beijos no coraçao.

hej då

There is  a mystic surprise waiting outside,  the day turned magic to a sweet farewell. Everything is  cover in frost and, the sky came with me abandoning the sharpness.

I grew up inside my own imaginary world,  I travelled with every single word with marguerite duras, the foggy prague with Kundera, the melancholic lisbon with Eça de queiros, this world of poetry only made my wings grow bigger an bigger.

Tomorrow  I am flying again...flying to an old world.


The sky was crying sugar, to sweet the dark hours, spreading sweetness to our lifes...I was hiking in the forest when i saw a naked man jogging.

I sat there in the top of the mountain and i felt young. Ryland bouchard was singing sugar to me.

You will hug me when you come back? I can't wait to spend time in the lake house again.

only bored as I get older

"Only bored as I get older". Ah strangers, I like  to observe you through your windows, but I can't stand having you
 inside my life.

We are too young to wait & I'm sorry to get angry and not understanding your selfishness.
I have this song inside me - listen - Deerhunter - He would have laughed

Should we try to fit?

* I've been featured at Sweeat Zine!*

I am very happy to be part of such a great gathering of young artists, Thank you Jess for displaying my work to the 
world. I will be waiting impatient for the hard copy. 

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During summer people bloom, now they are strangers sighting light.

Yesterday mom,I couldn't sleep, I thought how lonely I feel sometimes....I know you feel lonely, I see you are sitting in your bed counting the bags of coins, missing the void of the oxygen machine.

Sometimes we should let go...let the room shrink and don't cry.


Waking up with Chopin & the pression cooker
You sitting by the windows in "our old" afternoons

Me sitting in the sofa with the big earphones. Soon I will be traveling.

hello stranger

    There is something about them, about strangers. They amaze me.


    I can't even begin to explain. I  think about the orange flowers. 

my heart .

Her hand in the darkness
I follow for so long
your voice in my ear
carry me back home
wishing you'd consider
a change of heart
but all are so bitter
and we will never stop
help me back home
why won't you consider?

change of heart - El perro del mar