1.200 km de estrada, musica e petas.

 Chovia durante o dia e ainda posso escutar o farfalhar das saias, dos casacos de inverno, o toc toc dos sapatos nas poças d'agua. 

A melancolica solitaria dos seus transeuntes solteiros.

Até a sua arrogancia paris me pareceu doce, o meu coraçao entao vazio se encheu dessa alegria pura, bucólica .

midsummer roll

"If a person is touched by poetry or artor literature in general, his soul thrings with these displacements and cannot be cured by anything, not even the homeland."
"He clings to his own way of receiving the world and his own way of transmitting it."
"It is unavoidable that he should ne taken lightly by those that hold the ready recipes; those who live by the normal and the known; those who say he is "moddy" "changeable" "unreliable" and so on through all the adjectives stacked like pickles in their shelves; those who do not know anxiety, who deal with life with unseemly ease."

Mourid Barghouti

to be alone with you

 y nick drake

16 hours  Sevilla - barcelona and a forced sunrise on the beach.
3 de agosto de 2008, Barcelona- brussells- stokcholm.

We met in unusual cirunstances, but what is usual ?

i love you.