world of little mirrors in the light


Pictures from Jordan and Egypt

My life has always been a rollercoaster, moments of excruciating pain and extraordinary happyness. I have learned how to live and digest both while it's happening, wich isn't easy, You live knowing it's going to end sometime...

 I am never afraid of falling, I know if I fall  the pain will be great but so will be the memories in the back of my head. I carry with me in my left pocket all the people I have learned something from, even people I never met. I have this friend, she is afraid of aging so she erases memories and dreams, there is a quote from Anais Nin, wich describes exactly what i think about her fear of dreaming: "Life shrinks and expands in proportions of one's courage"

Now I am back to my routine, and I refuse to suffer for my memories, and if I die now I believed  I have lived my life fully.

I dedicate this post to all the people I met, all the people who changed me. 

I have missed all of you, and thanks to the new followers, it makes me happy to see so much love.