a wide wild sea

I was in venice for five days, 

we were hidden before our masks

my venezia

so many memories lost in those streets

and thanks to smog and his lyrics.

amuse me

I've made this short series for Isabel from "The magic box that came to the other side", she writes with poetry, check the little story she wrote here, it's in spanish for anyone that can read.

I feel so deeply honored, I'm amused to be featured among people with REAL talent.

 Estoy enamorada de sus palabras.

con amor, mucho amor desde mi bolsillo


missing spring

I am missing Spring, fresh flowers, Helgö, firewood, colors and honest feelings.

helgö was the first place I visited In Sweden, the magic red cabin. 

Some people shall never become friends, they are better the way they are, platonic. I know it might seem selfish or arrogant, it's not. I am not losing my hopes, I'm just learning how to live with myself, I have too much love...so much love that it hurts.

So for now I will drink a cup of darjeeling tea and remember the smell of spring flowers.