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When I was In jordan I gave a photography workshop for children from unprivileged areas (East Amman and Zarqa) who were taking part of a USAID/AED-founded project called "DRIVE TO READ"

"Through the program‚ a mobile library offers free educational‚ cultural‚ and recreational activities to young people ages 6–12 in Amman‚ Jordan.
Three times a week‚ the “bookmobile” visits parks‚ schools‚ and community centers in high-need neighborhoods‚ including those with large concentrations of refugees.
Drive to Read provides a versatile platform for promoting a culture of reading for education and for pleasure. It engages children and youth in the art projects‚ science demonstrations‚ computers‚ and other activities that reinforce learning."

My task was to give them portable cameras, teach them the basics of photography and to show them an artistic point of view. They were all given the assignment to create a story around a photo. The goal with the project was also to encourage them to become inspired by photography, and to teach them see what lies beyond the pictures.
I was so happy when Angie (4th picture) sent me the photos they took. It felt like I was part of something, that in a very small way I made a difference...


This is inspiring. I'm definitely interested in doing something like this someday.

Take care xx

by Anonymous on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. #

you make the most beautiful difference
..i know in the blogsphere. every single post seems truly honest. thank you so much that you share this chapters of live.. i love your blog

by Sina Kauri on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. #

C'est une très belle mission
Plus que nos recherches personnelles, apporter ce "quelque chose" make a difference. C'est une grande joie d'apporter, même à peine, une perspective artistique dans un monde qui s'en soucie peu, dans un lieu où les difficultés de vie rendent l'art essentiel, mais souvent inaccessible.

Je réalise un projet du même genre avec des enfants de 9 ou 10 ans dans une école française (où il n'y a pas de difficultés comme peuvent avoir ces enfants). A partir d'une expo de mes photos , ils réaliseront des photos au sténopé que je tirerai avec eux in the dark room, je leur ai fait écrire des textes, & nous réaliserons une expo ensembles à la bibliothèque du village en juin / juillet.
Sur cette photo [ ], un enfant à écrit : " Le ciel & le parasol rêvent l'un de l'autre ", n'est-ce pas merveilleux ?

à bientôt

by leno on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. #

wow, you are so lovely and spread beauty wherever you go:) are these the pictures they too? they radiate warmth and fun, and I love them!

p.s. you've been awarded on my blog:)

by Felix Curds on Friday, March 25, 2011. #