Exhibit Femme Fatale in Malaga! April 13!

       The two pictures belong to an exhibition about the Femme  Fatale in the cinema, taking place in Malaga, starting on April 13!

        Sorry for being away for so long, life expects so much from one, and I'm doing my best through all of that, but can't really help withdrawing inside my shell.

from summer

More pictures from the old developed rolls. Taken with Canon and Praktica during the summer of 2010.

hello stranger

Canon Eos 300 - AGFA ISO 200 2 years expired ( From last winter)
Sweden - Stockholm ( January)
not edited.

Old memories have a different weight. As an example, remembering the a first time I listened to a new song, it's the same warmness of traveling to a new place.

Sometimes everything looks like a movie.

the old pictures

Canon Eos 300, Fotomax Iso 400

1. Claudio in his bedroom - Portogruaro , September 07
2. Castle in the water - Sirmione, April 07
3. Feet - Lago di Garda , April 07

Praktica LTL , Kodak Iso 400

4. Reidar in the backyard - Norrkoping , July 09
5. Car on the road between Stockholm and Norrkoping, July 09

I't's been a long intense year.