The drunk house

Past all concerns

She often stopped to watch moss growing on walls, mold on the corners, oxidation on metal, rooting wood, it reminded her of how deterioration is unstoppable.  

She wondered about time, how fast it goes, people aging, death, babies being born, food cooking on someone stove, time is like a mild wind that carries you along, it never stops aging, the degradation is painfully slow.

She thought about many memories and how they were aging, like empty aging house on the top of a hill, it hangs drunkly over a cliff, the wind bounces it back and forth, but the house keeps standing there, clumsy drunk over the water. 

She is empty of feelings, and nature has invaded, the water tries to reach for her and , the wooden frames are falling apart, mold grows over the walls, but she still is standing there... 

She only needs someone to come in and take good care of her, someone good, who will make her company while time weakens down. She needs flowers to grow on her walls, all the way up to the sky.